Cell Phone Gambling Companies

This Tuesday, the 14th of February, 170 companies, which many of them are cell phone gambling companies, would compete for the the first four places in NVIDIA’s International Mobile Gaming (IMG) Awards in 3GSM World Congress which would take place in Barcelona. This competition is meant to identify and promote 3D game advancement for cell phone and handheld devices. The lucky four winners would win publishing contracts for their well designed games.

The number of cell gambling companies that admmited to the IMG is 34 out of the 170 participating in the IMG this year for the first time. This figure proves that the mobline gambling industry is getting stronger every year. All the cell gamblingcompanies had created demonstrable rich-graphic versions of casino games that are commonly played such as Texas Holdem poker or Blackjack. The companies are competiting for one out of four awards: Best Gameplay, Best Artwork, Best Technical Innovation and the Grand Prix for the overall winner.

Phil Atkin from NVIDIA’s Strategic Marketing Division stated the following:”What’s really thrilling about this year for the IMG Awards is that we are can by now see some advanced, innovative and graphically improved cell gambling games now when the technology platform is in a state of quick evolution.”

Officials from few cell gambling companies have stated that they are concerned with IMG’s judges over the ethic side of cell gambling games by they are sure that their design would win the overall prize.…

Cell Phone Helps Prevent Gambling Problems

Mobile gambling is a controversial issue to say the least. The debate over possible affects that cell phone gambling may cause have exceeded even the last gambling heated discussion regarding online gambling. What is it about mobile gambling that lures so much fire and dispute?

A common anti-gambling claim is that mobile gambling will push many repeated and problematic gamblers towards gambling. Though it might’ve been true in the early days of online casinos, today this claim is nothing but ridiculous. The restrictions and regulation that online casinos face created many advanced solutions and methods to aid problem gamblers. Today with modern online gambling technology it is much easier to track and help gambling “addicts” and underage gamblers. Certainly it is much easier to implement this solution in a computer based network than in regular land based casinos. The cooperation between internet casino sites is much greater than most gambling locations. It is also painfully obvious that those gamblers will find land based places that won’t restrict them in any way, if they won’t have any alternative.

Cell phone gambling can help many gamblers as it is much easier to monitor. It is also much easier to cross-reference information between cell phone suppliers and much easier to help them get aid (Just call them up?). In general all that remains to see is whether the legislator is going to understand those facts himself?…

Cell Phone Gambling Addiction

3G mobile gambling is a new growing market, and as such many are the questions born with its expansion, one of which is the problem of addiction. The nature of cell phone gambling is a nature of instant response – you dial, you bet and that’s it. Other forms of gambling require you for more physical procedures, such as subscribing to an online casino or reaching to an authorized gambling zone, but cell phone gambling has the advantage of releasing from such actions. Due to the instant nature of mobile gambling experts forecast that cell phone gambling would cause many new cases of gambling addicts. The gambling industry, which is already under attack by different public groups, is not going to give up this fight and strenuous efforts are put to prevent a new front of battle with these groups.

As for now more than 70% of US grown persons are experiencing gambling at least once a year and 1% of the populace is considered as pathological gamblers and another 2-3% have less severe gambling addiction but they are a high risk group. These data is the driven engine behind current industry moves in the new cell phone gambling market. If you wonder why the mobile gambling industry wishes to prevent users from forming a gambling addiction problem then your answer lies in governments around the world.

The cell phone gambling industry is predicted to generate billions of dollars every year from 2006, and a fat percentage of it would go to cover gambling taxes around the world. Even with the payment of large taxes this industry’s income will not be harmed. But, in case the world’s addict’s populace would grow, then governments will neglect their taxes and will be legislating laws against mobile gambling. There is not even one government who would rather “keep” the money and disregard the public’s opinion. Since many companies’ permits are in danger, in case of more gambling problems, they have to prevent such cases. Though for now data about mobile-addiction is none to be found companies have already started to prevent the platform for these cases.

Among the self-restrictions that cell phone gambling companies have implemented are age and betting restrictions, also – companies are also cooperating with content filtering institutes, researching facilities and psychologists from all around the world. All are anxious to prevent more gambling problems, each one due to his …

Cell Phone Gambling Success

The UK independent reports that mobile gambling has rocketed to new highs this year. The number of betting pages downloaded to private cell phones is expected to reach three million till the end of the year, a rise of 367% in comparison to 2004. Mobile gambling has been picked up with great enthusiasm by many European cell phone operators. Most cell phone providers consider mobile gambling as a high quality content service and apparently they are right. Cell phone gambling is being picked up by many eager gamblers throughout Europe.

Part of cell phone gambling’s success is the option to gamble wherever and whenever you want on very low limit bets. As a result you can enjoy your favorite casino games without risking your bankroll. Industry experts claim that most popular mobile gambling games are slots and blackjack, apparently due to the low concentration level needed. Most gambling providers are now in a race for the first mobile poker game as it’s predicted to gain tremendous popularity.

Gambling lovers in the U.S will still have to wait for a year or so, till the regulatory problems will be solved. At the moment mobile gambling is banned under the Wire act, so as online gambling. U.S is predicted to be the largest market in the world for cell phone gambling, due to high percentage of gambling and betting lover in addition to one the highest percentages of cell phone owners.…